During the 1990s, many outside factors influenced the proper design of Overhead Condensers for pharmaceutical installations. FDA and EPA, product costs, cost of downtime, and global competition have all affected today’s Condenser designs. The FDA has been a major factor with validation, contamination and CGMP regulations.

Today’s Condensers need to be totally non-contaminating. This means there can be no way for the service side fluid to contaminate the process. Any possible leak must have an external leak path.  TITAN is expert in meeting these requirements.

Pharmaceutical Heat Exchangers

Tantalum and Hastelloy Overhead Condensers for API manufacturing. Fully drainable for fast cleaning cycles. Fully welded construction to contain silicone based heat transfer fluids. Zero product contamination. Read more…

Hastelloy C-276 Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Pharmaceutical API

Pressure Vessels

Reactors, Columns or Towers, or Storage Tanks up to 20 foot diameter. Materials of construction ranging from the Stainless Steels to explosive-clad Tantalum on Carbon Steel. Read more…

Titanium Grade 2 Jacketed Reactor Pressure Vessel with Titanium


We can supply Spooled Pipe in any shippable diameter. Materials of construction can be the Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steels, high nickel alloys, Hastelloy, Titanium, Zirconium or Tantalum-lined Carbon Steel. Pressures up to 2000 PSIG.  Read more…

Tantalum Lined Pipe - Spool Design to Reduce Joints and gaskets

Accessory Equipment

Plenums, Dip Tubes, Ejectors, Injectors, Thermal Wells — You name it, TITAN has probably built it. The innovative engineers at TITAN can help you find the answer.  Read more…

Polished Hastelloy C-276 Pharmaceutical duty Dip Tube