Fluids used in the manufacture of chemicals, petrochemicals, and in the oil & gas industries are extremely corrosive to the equipment which comes into contact with them. This can rapidly lead to repair and/or replacement of equipment causing expensive and highly disruptive process downtime. Hastelloy Heat Exchangers have been proven to be highly corrosion-resistant in extremely harsh environments.

TITANs Hastelloy Heat Exchangers possess strong corrosion resistance to general and localized corrosion, and cracking.  Specification of Hastelloy as the material of construction offers a long-term and highly cost-effective method of corrosion avoidance, thus minimizing leaks during the chemical manufacturing process.

Life Cycle Benefits of Hastelloy Heat Exchangers

Hastelloy Heat Exchangers are highly cost-effective over the entire life cycle of the equipment. Properly maintained, they can operate for much longer than Heat Exchangers fabricated of competing materials of construction.

Hastelloy Heat Exchangers can:

  • Provide an extended service life compared to other materials of construction
  • Eliminate expensive downtime due to equipment failure
  • Do away with requirement for spare parts inventory
  • Provide superior corrosion resistance
  • Deliver high heat transfer efficiency
  • Accommodate high steam pressure to reduce required surface area
  • Eliminate breakage during handling, installation and operation due to fully-welded metal construction

Hastelloy the Metal

For its myriad applications, the chemical processing industry is constantly in pursuit of more reliable materials. Hastelloy Heat Exchangers are widely accepted by plant operation management and maintenance specialists who appreciate their toughness and ability to withstand very aggressive fluids.

The attributes of the Hastelloy family of alloys include high resistance to uniform attack, outstanding localized corrosion resistance, excellent stress cracking resistance, and ease of welding and fabrication. There are ten different alloys in the Hastelloy family, each with its own unique characteristics that make them desirable as materials of construction for many different manufacturing processes.

  • Hastelloy B-3
  • Hastelloy C-22
  • Hastelloy C-22HS
  • Hastelloy C-276
  • Hastelloy Hybrid-BC1
  • Hastelloy C-2000
  • Hastelloy C-4
  • Hastelloy G-30
  • Hastelloy G-35
  • Hastelloy N

Please see Applications of Hastelloy for a more in-depth look at additional uses for Hastelloy that includes some comparative corrosion resistance data, media, concentrations and temperatures.

Our Technical Resources area also has a complete section on properties and corrosion resistance for Hastelloy.

Hastelloy Heat Exchanger Designs

TITAN offers a full range of TEMA type Hastelloy Heat Exchangers. Utilizing both HTRI and AspenTech thermal design software, we can custom design a Heat Exchanger to fit your application.  TITAN’s Heat Exchanger designs take advantage of loose-lined, solid, and explosive clad tubesheet options based on the mechanical demands of the application.

TITAN manufactures pressure equipment in accordance with all major international design standards and pressure vessel codes.

Manufacturing capacities include diameters up to 120″ diameter, 300’ in length and weights up to 200 tons.

Hastelloy Corrosion Resistance

TITAN Hastelloy Heat Exchangers are used in a wide variety of environments. To view a list of materials where Hastelloy is commonly used, please visit Applications of Hastelloy.

For a general guide on corrosion resistance, temperatures and concentrations please see TITAN’s publication, “Corrosion Resistance of Metals in Various Chemical Media” for additional information.*

*Note: Final selection of material must be based on actual evaluation of the metal in the corrosive medium.

Hastelloy Fabrications

Haynes International, Inc. is the owner of the Hastelloy® trademark and developer of the Hastelloy family of corrosion-resistant alloys.

Contact us by phone if you have need for unique Hastelloy equipment at (805) 487-5050 or toll-free (877) 487-5050 or email info@titanmf.com. Our experts can also let you know if a different reactive alloy might be a better fit your application.