With our extensive experience in the manufacture of our standard product lines, many of our customers trust only TITAN for all their Titanium or other reactive metal fabrications. Because our experts work directly with each client to complete the required design, engineer the product, submit CAD drawings for approval and manufacture each product, there is no question with regard to the level of quality of work received.

metal finishing - 316SS-Helical-Cooling-Coil

316 Stainless Steel Helical Cooling Coil

You can also look to TITAN when your process equipment needs require custom design, engineering and manufacturing. We are specialists in Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Titanium Clad Copper Bus Bars, Tanks, Tank Liners, Anode Hooks, Auxiliary Anodes, Plenums and many other custom-designed products. Our design engineers and manufacturing professionals are happy to provide insight on what design and specialty alloy would work best in your specific application. Although custom tank liners may not appear important to some, a simple thing as fabrication in a different reactive metal can immensely prolong the life and prevent corrosion for years.

If you have questions about how specialty alloys can work in your applications, contact us by phone at (805) 487-5050 or toll-free (877) 487-5050 or email your questions to info@titanmf.com.

For information about the corrosion resistance of Tank and Tank Liners, please visit our Technical Resources area.