TITAN’s capabilities have become increasingly important to the oil and gas industry. Corrosion problems are escalating as crude oils are often contaminated with naphthenic acid, sulfur, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. The use of Duplex Stainless Steels, High Nickel alloys, Hastelloy and Titanium are becoming increasingly cost effective in these applications.

The more contaminated crude becomes, the more necessary the use of corrosive -resistant metals and alloys.

Corrosion-resistant materials, including Duplex Stainless Steel, are complex in their molecular structure making them more complicated to fabricate and properly weld than traditional materials. TITAN’s experience with the reactive metals and their complicated welding issues gives us an advantage over the normal stainless fabricators. Our team brings its many years of experience in design, fabrication and welding of complex materials to the custom fabrication of Oil and Gas Heat Exchangers.

If you have a corrosion issue, contact TITAN. We can help you determine whether specialty alloys can help solve your problem. Our technical experts have the ability to assist with alloy selection and give you preliminary pricing or a firm quotation.

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TITAN’s world-class team – together with leading mill metallurgists – works to solve your most challenging corrosion, application, mechanical or thermal design issues with Oil and Gas Heat Exchangers.

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