The TITAN team has been designing and fabricating Tantalum and Hastelloy overhead condensers for the API Pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. During this time, EPA and FDA requirements have changed dramatically.

Lower emission requirements and higher solvent costs have led to colder condensing temperatures. This required a coolant change to silicone-based heat transfer fluids. FDA contamination limits also became more strict. The costs of downtime and scrapped product skyrocketed.

All these factors led to a change from impregnated graphite to Tantalum and Hastelloy as standard materials of construction. Today’s condensers are compact to fit into tight overhead space. They are fully welded to seal any fluid. They do not have contamination issues such as found with graphite flakes and impregnate, and they are unaffected by coolant temperatures right into the cryogenic region.

Downtime and contamination problems can be solved.

You can feel confident in specifying corrosion-resistant Pharmaceutical Heat Exchangers from TITAN.

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What Next?

TITAN’s world-class team — together with leading mill metallurgists– works to solve your most challenging corrosion, application, mechanical or thermal design issues.

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