TITAN Metal Fabricators manufacturers Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Columns and Towers, or Storage Tanks up to 20′ in diameter. We are a global leader among Pressure Vessel manufacturers.

Designs include solid wall, explosive clad, standard jacket and half pipe jacket. Agitators and drives can be included. Accessories such as baffles, outlet valves or dip tubes can also be supplied.

As a Pressure Vessel manufacturer, TITAN specializes in corrosion-resistant alloys as materials of construction:Nickel-200-Pressure-Vessel-003-Caustic-Soda-Steam-Chest

Our Technical Resources area also has a complete section on properties and corrosion resistance.

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What Next?

TITAN’s world-class team, together with leading mill metallurgists, works to solve your most challenging corrosion, application, mechanical or thermal design issues.

Contact us by phone at (805) 487-5050 or toll-free (877) 487-5050 or send us your questions via email to info@titanmf.com.