Since its inception, TITAN has believed that the way to provide its customers with superior products, backed by superior service was with an all-encompassing philosophy based on QUALITY.


At TITAN, we know that quality begins with our personal and professional attitudes.

We feel driven to contribute to the success of the customer’s business as well as to our own. Our goals are to continuously produce top quality products, to constantly improve our processes, our products and our organization, and to always exceed our customer’s expectations.


QC-Helium-Mass-Spectrometer-Test-2At TITAN Metal Fabricators, we are devoted to producing the highest quality equipment possible.

In order to achieve this goal, we are committed to continuous improvement to maximize consistency on all products that we design and manufacture. Our primary focus is to promote a collaborative effort with our customers, our suppliers, and our industry as well as within TITAN.

TITAN’s success is the result of our ability to recognize and to satisfy our customer’s needs in efficient ways. Our greatest “quality asset” is, without doubt, our employees, their dedication and teamwork. We achieve effective solutions by combining this in-depth industry experience with our intense commitment to excellence. The result: QUALITY


QC-Inspection-1-2From the very beginning of the company, TITAN’s dedication to quality has been the most integral part of TITAN operations. Our Total Quality Program Control System is structured to provide assurance to our customers and to ourselves that the quality of the services and products which TITAN Metal Fabricators offers conform to our customers’ requirements and to all applicable specifications and standards.TITAN’s Total Quality Program Control System complies with the requirements of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1, the National Board Inspection Code and jurisdictional requirements. TITAN holds valid certificate of authorization for “U” and “R” stamps. TITAN’s Pressure Vessel fabrications fully comply with Chinese SELO requirements for installation of Pressure Vessels in China. TITAN holds Manufacture License of Special Equipment (MLSE) and adheres to all applicable Chinese Pressure Vessel Standards.

Our Total Quality Program Control System is directed by the Quality Control Manager, who is wholly responsible for the preparations, implementation and maintenance of the quality Control Program.QC-Hydrotest-1 The Quality Control Manager prepares job travelers for each job which specifies detailed inspection, testing and examination points for all Pressure Vessel fabrications. Detailed Quality Plans are developed specifically for our customers and are also available upon request.

TITAN utilizes a comprehensive range of quality control procedures and tools to ensure that TITAN products are fabricated, inspected and tested precisely as specified.

TITAN utilizes in-process and final inspections to ensure that all applicable code and project requirements are met or exceeded. Specialized test procedures such as helium mass spectrometer testing are utilized in conjunction with more standard test methods such as liquid penetrant testing to assure that accurate and consistent examination results are achieved.

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